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20 water treatment units Hydropur in Guinea.

This project has been succesfully finished to the benefit of the inhabitants of these villages.
Altech has been able to execute this project thanks to a state to state loan between Belgium and Guinea. This allowed to bring clean drinking water to 26,000 people in rural areas. We continue to work with the Belgian and Guinean government to extend this project to other villages in need.


Project au fil de l’eau
Democratic Republic of Congo

Altech, in cooperation with Action Alternative, has started to give courses in the electromechanical training center in Maluku (province of Kinshasa).  As a result ten students benefit from a training in manufacturing of mechanical parts. Ten more students will join in the coming months.  Moreover, a libary will be soon implemented in the remote villages along the river.

Gallery "Au fil de l'eau"

Ecological latrines in Maluku
Democratic Republic of Congo

Students in schools Ngana (Maluku) of Menkao and Balumu will have from this coming healthy and ecological toilets, built by Equity Alternatives on plans supplied by Altech. Not only that should improve the health of people attending this school, but most of the materials produced will be reused in agriculture. We hope in this way create emulators, and view the use of these techniques for sewage spill in the region.

Altech safs is a social entrepreneurship active  in water sanitation and renewable energies for developing countries, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas.

Currently,  WHO estimates that 80% of diseases encountered in developing countries are waterborne and that they are responsible for 50% of infant mortality in the world.

Water, when poor in quality, can become a major source of transmission of life-threatening diseases. Altech's mission is to prevent the contamination of drinking water by bringing an effective approach and technology in the field.


We handle your project from A to Z, in close collaboration with local partners and funding agencies:  from the pre-field study to the monitoring of the project after its completion. We are committed to bringing our skills and knowledge at your service.

In addition, we empower the local population by training them appropriately. We encourage transfer of competences and technology.


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